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US & Canada: 800-509-0393

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  • Celebrating 12 years of doing our part to put the bad guys away…

  • Thanks to the hundreds of law enforcement and security organizations worldwide
    for your patronage and confidence in VIPRE technology.
    God bless you all.

  • Find out how VIPRE makes telling the truth the ONLY option.

  • Save travel time and department money. Get certified as a VIPRE Examiner online.


  • It's time your organization joined hundreds of US law enforcement and security agencies across the world and started using VIPRE in the war against crime and terror.

  • Utilizing state of the art technology and principles substantiated by both decades old medically accepted documentation as well as recent exhaustive independent studies, VIPRE measures and interprets the body's psychological and physiological stress-reactions which are captured via the Vagosympathetic Nervous System.

  • VIPRE is a remarkable instrument that when utilized by a trained and certified investigator or government entity, will provide you with an invaluable tool to screen for potential terror suspects, focus criminal investigations, vet potential employees or new operatives and solve crimes.

  • Whether you are new to voice stress technology or a seasoned VSA professional, we are pleased to provide you with the latest and most comprehensive voice stress analysis software in the world.

What users are saying about VIPRE:
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    I am an old CVSA user and have found out that the VIPRE is far superior in every way. The training at VIPRE actually explains Chart Interpretation in a way that makes sense.
    DSG Langford, Missouri
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    I am a certified CVSA examiner and now, after certifying on the VIPRE, I can say I am utilizing the BEST VSA available to law enforcement.
    Inv. Clark
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    The VIPRE training class is the most interesting and informative class I have ever attended. The instruction is top shelf as is the equipment.
    Det Freeman
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    The VIPRE system is much better than the CVSA in every way and the Chart Interpretation training is much better than what I was taught in the CVSA class.
    Lt. Sizemore, West Virginia
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    I can now say I look forward to operating a VSA that works.
    Det. Rose
PO Box 196547
Winter Springs, Fl 32719

USA:  1-800-509-0393
INTL: 001-321-287-3719

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Customize your new VIPRE VSA Field Unit! Just let us know your desired hardware specs and Windows version! Click here or call 1-800-509-0393 in the USA or 001-321-287-3719 international for details! Setting up your customized VSA Field Unit is as easy as one phone call!