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VIPRE Safe Testing Precautions

As we emerge from quarantine, agencies that rely on VIPRE to help conduct their investigations have been contacting us about our recommendations for safeguarding against the spread of Covid 19 during testing.

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Only VIPRE Offers Online VSA Training

VIPRE VSA ONLINE TRAINING is not provided by NITV, CVSA or Dektor PSE.

IN 2012, the VIPRE TECHNOLOGY GROUP answered the call of countless law enforcement agencies and initiated VIPRE ONLINE TRAINING for voice stress analysts. The administrators of these agencies needed a training alternative that would eliminate the expenses associated with loss of manpower while training, travel, boarding, dining, and other budget-draining expenses.

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The Need for Extreme Vetting in America

Force Protection Specialist
Certified Advanced VIPRE VSA Examiner

Importance of vetting - The purpose of vetting an immigrant or refugee is to determine their potential to assimilate into American culture, and ultimately their suitability for United States (U.S.) citizenship.[1] Determining this suitability involves learning as much about an applicant as possible. This can only happen if we ask the right questions during the vetting process. Depending on the answers given, a preliminary determination can be made towards future success of an applicant in regards to their assimilation into American culture.

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Vetting Immigrants and Refugees: Stopping the Terrorist Operative

Force Protection Specialist
Certified Advanced VIPRE VSA Examiner

Fighting in Syria has displaced 7.6 million people, forcing about 4 million of them to become refugees living in five different countries.[1] The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, also commonly known as ISIS, has declared that more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen are now positioned and "ready" across the European Union.[2] ISIS further claims that many of these ISIS operatives took advantage of the Syrian refugee situation in order to infiltrate Europe.[3]

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Reducing Risk through Robust Employment Vetting

Force Protection Specialist
Certified Advanced VIPRE VSA Examiner

Employee screening, or what’s also known as vetting can be a viable option for most employers who operate outside the United States (U.S.). In the U.S. the only industries that can use polygraph or Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) in the actual hiring process are the Police and the U.S. Government. These restrictions however do not stop an employer from using polygraph or VSA during an investigation after an employee is hired.

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