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Voice Stress Analysis Pre-Employment Testing Made Easier!

VSA Examiners must always keep in mind that all exams are part of an overall process of' the “detection of deception” technique, but not, as often misquoted, lie detection. The polygraph and voice stress analyzers are not “Lie Detectors” they are stress detectors. Examiners must keep in mind that the pre-employment screening examination utilizes all protocols studied in regarding criminal-specific examinations.

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Conducting Voice Stress Analysis Examinations in the Middle Eastern Culture

To effectively conduct biometric testing on individuals from non-Western cultures one must understand the culture of the one being tested. This is necessary to not only understand the examinee’s mindset, but why and how they may react to questions during biometric testing. The following information should provide the reader with a professional understanding of Middle Eastern culture, thus improving the results from both general interviewing and VSA exams.

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VSA Analysis, Analyzers and Training

We know that when emotional stress is accompanied by guilt and a known consequence, e.g. punishment will cause the body to physically react. This stress is often overtly revealed in the form of observable reactions such as sweating, a shaky voice, dry mouth, increased body odor, runny nose, upset stomach, and hives, or coupled with other notable body movements; i.e. body language. These overt responses are commonly referred to as the "Fight or Flight Syndrome."

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Only VIPRE Offers Online VSA Training

VIPRE VSA ONLINE TRAINING is not provided by NITV, CVSA or Dektor PSE.

IN 2012, the VIPRE TECHNOLOGY GROUP answered the call of countless law enforcement agencies and initiated VIPRE ONLINE TRAINING for voice stress analysts. The administrators of these agencies needed a training alternative that would eliminate the expenses associated with loss of manpower while training, travel, boarding, dining, and other budget-draining expenses.

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