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Only VIPRE Offers Online VSA Training

Agency administrators had long been required to pay the ever increasing per diem expenses that came with the high equipment and training costs of other VSA manufactures, distributors and training providers, for example NITV CVSA, DEKTOR PSE.

VIPRE provides online training that can be activated 24/7 for the convenience of students. The forward driven VIPRE VSA SOFTWARE makes for fast and easy understanding and application. A new student soon realizes that VIPRE does most of the preliminary time consuming set up to initiating a VSA exam. A VIPRE student becomes familiar and capable of VIPRE software initiation and application in 15 minutes or less. VIPRE continues to stand out from its closest competitors, NITV CVSA and Dektor PSE. This time saving training, for software initiation, provides all the more time for training criteria that can then be applied to the more important aspects of voice stress analysis.

It is understood that those agencies with large training budget allotments may still be interested in VIPRE live training classes. VIPRE live training is provided by the IAVSA.COM ( International Association of Voice Stress Analysts). The IAVSA instructors are all trained and authorized to provide the necessary instruction and mentorship that is required.

The VIPRE TECHNOLOGY GROUP, LLC continues to strive to provide the most advanced voice stress technology and training available to law enforcement and the private sector.

VIPRE does not sell old and used hardware or software. BEWARE of those that do. Those companies will lure you in at a low price and then attempt to sell you needed upgrades. VIPRE, new equipment and software, is more reasonably priced than the used outdated equipment and software of our competitors.

The cost of VIPRE is lower than comparable voice stress technology and training.
If you find otherwise just contact a VIPRE representative who will answer any questions and provide the best price available.

DO not settle for less when you can get the best.
Call VIPRE at 800-509-0393.



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