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VIPRE Launches Industry-First VSA Online Certification Courses

January 5th, 2011 -- Orlando – On January 5th 2011, VIPRE Technology released the VIPRE On-Line Certification Training Program providing law enforcement investigators nationwide, the ability to become certified Voice Stress Analysts without ever leaving their department.

In order to become certified as a Vagosympathetic Voice Stress Analyst, investigative personnel must complete a rigorous 40 Hour Basic Examiner Certification Course, generally held at the VIPRE Corporate headquarters in Orlando Florida.

According to Robert Martin, Sales & Training Officer of VIPRE, “With law enforcement agencies fighting for every budget dollar they can get, we believed it was critical to provide a new cost saving option for training. Conventional classroom training requires the law enforcement agency or department not only to budget the cost of the VIPRE Technology, but the travel related expenses such as airfare, food and lodging for all personnel selected for training.”

Martin continues “In addition, those investigators who would normally find themselves out of their department and in a classroom for an entire week often are unable to receive their certification as their department simply cannot afford to “replace” their position with other personnel during their weeklong absence. With the utilization of the VIPRE University, law enforcement agencies and departments can now easily and affordably schedule as many investigators as desired for the online certification course.”

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