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US & Canada: 800-509-0393


The VIPRE S-5000 Complete Field Kit

The VIPRE S-5000 Complete Field Package has everything you need to immediately begin field voice stress examinations. Choose the standard unit for the most cost-effective hardware, or opt to customize your new VIPRE VSA. Just let us know your preferred processor, RAM and display combination. Select a conventional LCD, an LED or a state-of-the-art new touchscreen. Choose your favorite operating system including Windows 7, 8 or 10 (Standard, Pro and Ultimate OS licensing versions available).  Your new field unit will arrive loaded with the VIPRE S-5000 Vago-sympathetic Voice Stress Analysis Software. All field unit purchases include a VIPRE-specialized microphone and a mouse, printer and carry case.  The VIPRE Field Package comes with (1) year parts and labor warranty! Can be extended to (3) years at time of purchase at an additional charge. Please inquire for details. Each VIPRE Field Package Includes two (2) registered slots for for access to the VIPRE Online Training Center.  Click the button to the left for information on availability and pricing.

The S-5000 VSA Upgrade Program

Only available to owners of nationally recognized voice stress analyzer systems, the VIPRE S-5000 Upgrade Unit will provide you years of trouble-free and extraordinarily easy test administration.  In addition, since your personnel are already trained in the universal principles of Voice Stress Analysis, you will require only minimal OPERATIONAL instrument review cross training at your convenience.  Make the right decision, 'SWITCH' from your old outdated technology to  VIPRE. Click the button to the left for more information. Want to hear what VSA users who have already switched to VIPRE have to say? Click here.

The S-5000 Installation CD

VIPRE Technology Group has released the VIPRE S-5000 Vagosympathetic Voice Stress Analysis Software on CD.  We will add the S-5000 software to your existing laptop, attach our VIPRE specialized microphone. Enroll for VIPRE Basic Certification or our pre-VSA-certified refresher Re-cert Course and you are ready to go!

Please click the button to the left for more details. 

Customize your new VIPRE VSA Field Unit! Just let us know your desired hardware specs and Windows version! Click here or call 1-800-509-0393 in the USA or 001-321-287-3719 international for details! Setting up your customized VSA Field Unit is as easy as one phone call!