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Below are comments we've received from law enforcement and private security organization investigators who actively use VIPRE in the field every day. Many of our users struggled with inferior equipment for years before making the switch.

From top to bottom, VIPRE hardware, software, training and support are not only designed to be industry-leading, but reliable and easy to use, too. Don't take our word for it, though. Here's what only a few of our users have to say:

I have been a VSA examiner for over 20 years and certified in the use of multiple devices and find that the VIPRE VSA is the best voice stress analyzer available to law enforcement."

—Inv. James Hamilton, Arkansas

VIPRE provides a great investigative tool with excellent training and reliable follow-up service in every area."

—Inv. Devin Bramlett

I am an old CVSA user and have found out that the VIPRE is far superior in every way. The training at VIPRE actually explains Chart Interpretation in a way that makes sense. "

— DSG Langford, Missouri

I am a certified CVSA examiner and now, after certifying on the VIPRE, I can say I am utilizing the BEST VSA available to law enforcement."

—Inv. Clark

Coming from the CVSA training and equipment I am happy and proud to tout the VIPRE VSA. Worry-free training and equipment is the key."

— Det. McCausland

VIPRE SYSTEMS has streamlined the application of Voice Stress Analysis and is more effective and much more accurate than the CVSA I was accustomed to in the past."

—Det. Haley

The VIPRE training class is the most interesting and informative class I have ever attended. The instruction is top shelf as is the equipment.

—Det. Freeman

Having used the CVSA in the past, the VIPRE is much easier to use. I now have a better understanding of the voice and chart interpretation as the VIPRE training is much better than what I experienced at NITV. The VIPRE is much more user-friendly and the technology is much more advanced than the CVSA.

—Sgt. Talbot, Indiana

The VIPRE system is much better than the CVSA in every way and the Chart Interpretation training is much better than what I was taught in the CVSA class.

—Lt. Sizemore, West Virginia

Everyone at VIPRE is happy to assist 24/7 and the VIPRE is so easy to use.

—Det. Kina, Ohio

You will have no concerns with VIPRE. Every time you use it, it works. Worry free every time I turn it on."

—Det. Johnson

I can now say I look forward to operating a VSA that works."

—Det. Rose

VIPRE is without a doubt the best VSA on the market. I know, as I used to be a CVSA examiner."

—DSGT. Holmes

Thanks for a great investigative tool. Keep up the good work."

—Cpt Ott, Kansas

VIPRE provides excellent training and equipment. Both combine to make investigations that much easier. "

— Lt. Escoto, Utah

VIPRE is easy to implement and the training is the best available for VSA certification."

—Det. Black

Great training and equipment! Can’t wait to attend the advanced class."

— Cpl. Cox

The accuracy of the VIPRE, coupled with great training, make for a most effective learning process."

—Officer Trombetta, New Jersey

Customize your new VIPRE VSA Field Unit! Just let us know your desired hardware specs and Windows version! Click here or call 1-800-509-0393 in the USA or 001-321-287-3719 international for details! Setting up your customized VSA Field Unit is as easy as one phone call!