• Dell, Acer or Lenovo laptop with your choice of hardware specs! Includes Windows 10 & VIPRE Voice Stress Analysis Software.

  • Now available: Microsoft Surface touchscreen with Windows 10 & VIPRE Voice Stress Software pre-installed.

  • See VIPRE in action.

  • "VIPRE is the Rolls Royce of VSA equipment. The people at VIPRE really care and prove it every step of the way. I use to operate (a competitor's VSA) and have now found a much better product and a much easier company to deal with in every way."

    - Investigator Cercy

  • Save travel time and department money.

  • Shipping on the platform of your choice.

  • Dell, Acer or Lenovo laptop with your choice of hardware specs! Includes Windows 10 & VIPRE Voice Stress Analysis Software.

  • Choose a Microsoft Surface touchscreen with VIPRE Voice Stress Software pre-installed.

  • Find out how VIPRE makes telling the truth the ONLY option.

  • Save travel time and department money.


The Latest Laptops & OS

Dell Inspiron, Vostro and Latitude models ship with a variety of AMD or Intel Core Processor configurations and storage options. If you want an SSD, please indicate the upgrade on our Customization form page. Dells are extremely customizable in terms of processor, RAM and storage options. If you have a specific configuration in mind, Dell is most likely your choice!

Acer and Lenovo also have competitive laptop lines with great hardware options. Acer's Aspire laptop line utilizes AMD Dual-core processors and AMD Radeon R5 Graphics, with various options for customization based on your needs and organizational budget. VIPRE also ships on Lenovo IdeaPad (or similar model) and is also extremely affordable.

For quotes on any of the above options, please click "Customize Now" below. We'll get you the information you need to you as quickly and simply as possible.

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What's a 2-In-1 or Dual-Purpose Device?

2-In-1's are a new generation of hybrid mobile device. Part touchscreen tablet, part netbook, part laptop, some (Like Microsoft's Surface) even have a detachable keyboard. Others have rotating or backward-folding screens that allow users to interact with the device like a traditional tablet.

VIPRE has been an early-adopter of this mobile technology and has investigators using it in the field currently at home and abroad. Read more about Dual-Purpose devices below.

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VIPRE VSA On Dual-Purpose Touchscreen

Prefer a touchscreen interface for your VIPRE Field Unit? Choose from Microsoft's Surface Pro or Surface Book lines. Microsoft's highly-rated dual-purpose line features Intel Core processors, 12.3-13.3 PixelSense Touchscreen Displays, fast SSD storage options, long battery life, fanless cooling for silent operation and even optional LTE for global connectivity.

More budget conscious? Have a look at Dell's utra-affordable 3000-series Inspiron line of 2-in-1's. Dell Inspiron touchscreens come packed with value, including latest-generation AMD processors with Radeon R4 Graphics, 11.6" touchscreen display, and various RAM and storage options.

Also available is the Acer Spin touchscreen series. Spin is powered by a latest-generation, Intel Core processor, a 14" HD touchscreen display, SSD storage options, and a long, 12-hour battery life.



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