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  • Certify from the comfort of wherever…and at your own pace!

  • "I am an old VSA user and have found out that the VIPRE is far superior (to the competition) in every way. The training at VIPRE actually explains Chart Interpretation in a way that makes sense."

    — DSG Langford, Missouri

  • "VIPRE is easy to implement and the training is the best available for VSA certification."

    - Detective Black

  • Trusted by Law Enforcement Professionals across the globe.

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VIPRE Technology continues to be the best and only option in the industry for VSA Certification Online. Our courses provide three levels of training, including our Basic 40-hour course, our Advanced Examiner Course and our 24-hour Certification Renewal Course. Each class is self-paced and video-driven with reading material, quizzes, Chart Interpretations and a final exam.

Examiners have the advantage of logging back into their account at any time to review the completed course material. This allows VIPRE students the chance to reinforce their training or to dig deeper into additional VIPRE reference material and videos that explore the finer scientific details and history of the detection and evaluation of stress reactions.

Each of our online classes are backed up by VIPRE Support, which provides any and all direction a student might require before, during or after the completion of their course.

It's easy to sign up for VIPRE Online Classes. Click here to sign into the Online Training Center or to request a new account for the class of your choice. You will be contacted to verify your agency affiliation before given login credentials to begin your certification course. Have questions about Certifying for VIPRE VSA Online? Call 1-800-509-0393 or click here to contact us.

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    The Complete VIPRE VSA Field Package

    The VIPRE VSA Complete Field Package has everything you need to implement field voice stress examinations. Your choice of computer hardware is customizable to your specifications.

    The VIPRE VSA Upgrade Program

    If you currently own a nationally-recognized voice stress analyzer, the VIPRE VSA Upgrade Unit will provide you with years of trouble-free and extraordinarily easy test administration.

    The VIPRE Software Installation CD

    VIPRE Technology Group has released the VIPRE Vagosympathetic Voice Stress Analysis Software on CD. 

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    The VIPRE Voice Stress Analysis software ships on a variety of hardware, including 15" laptops by manufacturers such as Dell, Acer and Lenovo. VIPRE is also available on Microsoft's Surface touchscreen line. All VIPRE units include a mic and run Windows 10. Click here to choose your platform, brand, processor configuration, RAM, warranty and other options.

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    Whether you are training to become a new VIPRE field operator, upgrading from outdated competitor software, completing your re-certification requirements, VIPRE provides you a unique on-line training university open 24/7 to accommodate any schedule. Certification is also available in a live setting with instruction provided by the IAVSA.

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    The training and equipment helped me clear a burglary the first time I used it.

    Det. Schaffer

    I gave up on (a competitor VSA) several years ago because it was difficult to master. The VIPRE is much easier to operate and I have much more confidence after completing the examiner course. The training is much better than I received on the old (competitor VSA).

    Det. McCauley

    The VIPRE is the Rolls Royce of VSA equipment. The people at VIPRE really care and prove it every step of the way. I use to operate (a competitor's VSA) and have now found a much better product and a much easier company to deal with in every way.

    Inv. Cercy

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    We're here to help. VIPRE is made up of former law enforcement, military and private investigative professionals. We understand the demands of investigative work and we designed VIPRE based on our combined experience. If you have any questions or you'd simply like a quote, please contact us by phone at 1-800-509-0393 from 9am-5pm EST, M-F or click the button below or visit our contact page.



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