• Celebrating 13 years of doing our part to put the bad guys away…

  • Thanks to the THOUSANDS of Law Enforcement and Security Personnel worldwide

    …for depending on VIPRE Technology every day.

  • VIPRE line expands with new mobile platform options!

  • VIPRE offers industry's only ONLINE TRAINING option!

  • "VIPRE is easy to implement and the training is the best available for VSA certification."

    - Detective Black

  • Trusted by Law Enforcement Professionals across the globe.

  • Save travel time and department money.


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VIPRE 12-Year Anniversary Drawing

Entries Limited to one per person. Must be a law enforcement officer, corrections officer, member of a security organization or other licensed investigator to qualify. Online Certification requires that the winning applicant either possess or have access to a workstation to complete the online training course. Please refer to complete details in your VIPRE email and best of luck!

About VIPRE and the VIPRE VSA Field Unit

VIPRE Technology, LLC is the developer of the VIPRE VSA Field Unit, the most advanced voice stress analysis technology in the field today. VIPRE detection of deception technology has been approved by the International Association of Voice Stress Analysts (IAVSA), and all VIPRE training is conducted exclusively by retired law enforcement and military professionals.

Read more about the VIPRE VSA Field Unit.
Read more about VIPRE Certified Training.

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